Satrak Plant View Tracking, Telematics, & Immobilisations for Plant & Machinery


Price includes Fitting Anywhere in The UK & One Year’s Subscription


  • Remote Immobilisation At The Touch Of  A Button
  • Live Updates
  • Machine Utalization & Run Time
  • Tow Away & Anti Tamper Alarms
  • Scheduled Immobilisation 
  • Full Telematics
  • Battery Disconnect Instant Alerts
  • Protect Your Assets &  Reduce Insurance Costs


Satrak Plant View is designed for Plant & Machinery and is built to withstand the harsh enviroments assoiciated with the Plant & Machinery Industry.

Dont just take our work for it we have over 20,000 connected units in the UK.


Remote Immobilsation

Protect your assets with notifications and alerts either by email or text, our remote imobilsation GPS fleet tracking technology that allows businesses to analyse equipment productivity and performance, full telematics and as we like to say a complete view of your assets movements and operation.


Remote Immobilisation


Want to immobilise your equipment on either a scheduled basis or want the piece of mind to know you can immobilise your machines at any time then this is the product for you.


Overnight? Weekends? Holidays? Off Hired? Over Use? 


Either set up on a running schedule or one-off Immobilisation, very easy to use and set up.


Tracking System & Smart Phone App


Our desktop and smart phone system is very easy to use, shortly after your purchase we will send you a username and a password link to create your own pass code. Once you set up this up you will have full access to all your vehicles fitted with our tracking system.

The system will allow you to set up equipment ids, run full reports, operator behaviour, lock down your machines, and much more.




We have a team of our own engineers based all over the UK, once you place an order for your Satrak product then our installation team will be in contact to arrange a date to send one of our engineers to come and installs. Installs take around an hour and we will need the equipment to be stood down, we only employ full qualified and experanced installers who are installing on Plant & Machinery 


Our engineers will come out to anywhere in the UK mainland

Plant Security Satrak Plant View Tracking & Telematics

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Subscription
£0.99monthly/ 36 months